Weifield is excited to recruit the next generation to help us bring more safety awareness to our job sites!

For our April, 2019 ‘Work Safe’ Kids’ Safety Campaign, we are asking each job site to bring in drawings from your kids or kids that you know – that show you being safe on the job site [also ask them to include a one-line statement of advice on how they would like you to work safe, somewhere on the drawing]. You can bring these drawings in anytime during the month of April, 2019.

After the month is out, ask your crew to vote on which drawing best represents safety on your project. The field supervisor for your team can then send a high resolution photo of the winning drawing in to the RSVP mailbox at rsvp@weifieldgroup.com by May 15, 2019 — and we will get hard hat stickers of that drawing made for your entire team!

Some advice is irreplaceable….look forward to sharing the adorable (and wise) results of this campaign!

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