Town of Johnstown | Owner

Weifield Group | General Contractor

J&T Consulting | Engineer

PROJECT DURATION: December 2019 – January 2020

PROJECT TYPE: Water/Waste Water

PROJECT DESCRIPTION:  Weifield is the General Contractor for this one-year service agreement project that originally included an aeration system with diffusers and baffles in the waste water treatment plan’s sewer lagoon — but has now changed to floating mixer/aerators placed at different locations in the lagoon. The new aerators have their own 20 Hp blower for each location with an enclosure and control panel (aa total of six). For this project, Weifield will serve as the electrical contractor that will help Johnstown take care of setting the blowers and aerators along with their own staff, running electrical from the existing blower building to feed the new aerators. The old system will be disconnected once the new ones are started; Weifield will also help install conduit for the various runs.

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