Pearl Street Business Park | Owner

Mortenson Construction | General Contractor

Cator Ruma | Engineer

Gensler | Architect

PROJECT DURATION: June, 2022 – March, 2023

PROJECT TYPE: Design-Assist, Science Technology

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The project consists of a partial renovation and infrastructure upgrades to three existing buildings (4888, 4940, 4999, 4900 and 4780) totaling approximately 113,400 gross square feet which are planned to be used for laboratory/life sciences functions upon completion. It is anticipated that buildings 4888, 4940 and 4999 will be prioritized and completed as Phase 1 of the project, and buildings 4900 and 4780 will be completed in a future Phase 2. The base scope consists of demolition, new HVAC, plumbing, electrical service, generators and related work. A preliminary narrative and building test fits for future tenants have been provided for reference. These buildings will be partially occupied during the renovation.

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