The Weifield Industrial team’s East Cherry Creek Valley (ECCV) Water & Sanitation District’s Northern Phase 2 project with Garney Construction (GC) involved the expansion of the ECCV RO (Reverse Osmosis) plant in Brighton, CO in order to increase ECCV’s water distribution by an additional ten million gallons/day (MGD) – from 10 to 20 MGD. The project also incorporated natural/RO filtration and ultraviolet/chlorine disinfection within the plant. This project began in February, 2019 and completed in May of this year; Weifield’s phase included all of the underground infrastructure needed for the upcoming new facility.

According to Ruben King, Senior PM for Garney Construction, Garney and Weifield are ECCV’s go-to team for their critical water projects — and Ruben especially appreciates our attention to quality and detail on our mutual efforts.

“We were happy with Weifield’s quality, planning, and conduit routing,” said Ruben. “The Precon services also went very well; there was a lot of detail and lot of great V/E ideas. Weifield was the top sub on the project and a talented group to work with!”

Nicely done, Industrial team — so proud of your efforts in creating yet another happy client!

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