In April, 2020, Weifield’s Service team began a remodel project for Hope House of Colorado – an organization providing programs as well as a stable home for teen moms to strive for self-sufficiency and to build a healthy future for themselves and their children. Weifield donated 100% of our work on this project for Hope House, an organization we have supported for many years; most of the work and materials were donated by the contractors and vendors on the project.

Working with Swinerton Builders (GC), Weifield remodeled the Hope House residence, adding an apartment house and upgrading the kitchen/dining area to allow for greater use by the moms and their children.

Said Lisa Steven, Hope House Founder & Executive Director: “Thank you to your amazing team who participated in our remodel project over the past several months! It has been a huge blessing to have teen moms move into a beautiful new space and settle into the first safe and stable home that many of them have ever known. A little about the moms that have just moved in…one of our moms was literally homeless after her mother relapsed into drug addiction and lost their trailer home; now she and her three-year-old son are safe and thriving. Another of our moms was removed from her mother’s care due to neglect, yet she is an incredibly nurturing mom to her one one-year-old son. Yet another mom is finally safe from an abusive relationship and is blossoming at Hope House. THANK YOU for providing such a beautiful, safe, warm, happy place for our teen moms and their little ones – you are all a HUGE blessing!”


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