What if you had the power to control your energy costs from the palm of your hand? Now, you do!

Weifield Chief Estimator, Cody Miller, has invented the latest in smart home and building automation products – the Ion Smart Outlet, a product providing consumers with the ability to power their outlets on or off using only their mobile devices and a WiFi connection – no separate hub is required. These capabilities make the Ion Smart Outlet a truly integrated automation system for homes and businesses.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, in the United States alone, vampire power — or power lost through devices and appliances that are not on, but remain plugged in — costs consumers more than $3 billion per year. With the ION Smart Outlet, you can avoid the high energy costs associated with wasted outlet usage and vampire power. Control, monitor and schedule your individual outlets – from anywhere in the world – using the ION Smart Outlet. Do it via your mobile device using a free app and standard WiFi or cellular network — no separate hub required!

The Ion Smart Outlet was expertly engineered to provide an intelligent design, innovative outlet control capabilities, ultra-easy use via your mobile device, and hubless control. You decide how many Ion Smart Outlets you want to monitor and control, which mobile devices you want to view and control your ION Smart Outlets from, and when you want to schedule or power each of your outlets to be on or off. Simply access your free ION Smart Outlet app via any mobile iOS or Android device and start charting your course.

Check out the Ion Smart Outlet Kickstarter campaign at this link! Cody and his team are launching this Kickstarter campaign to raise the needed capital for manufacturing costs – the goal is $250,000 – and the team will make great use of any and all contributions to help meet this goal! The plan is to start distributing the products in late Summer of this year — but this can’t happen without the support of all of you! Please take a moment to review the Kickstarter page (below) and the website – at ion-smart.com – and consider making a pledge to the campaign!

See all reward levels in the “Rewards” section of the Kickstarter page. The team is offering an Early Bird Special — pledge $49 or more in the first 7 days of the Kickstarter campaign and receive one Smart outlet product shipped directly to you (limited to the first 1,000 units). The accompanying Ion Smart outlet mobile app is provided to you for use, free of charge. The Ion Smart Outlet will be offered in: white and ivory colors, tamper-resistant and non-tamper resistant versions, and 15-amp and 20-amp options. You will specify your preferences after the campaign is successfully funded.

A great Kickstarter campaign is one that is shared far and wide! We urge you to consider taking the time to share our Ion Smart Outlet Kickstarter page on social media, via email, on Twitter, by word of mouth – however you feel comfortable doing it! There are links on the Kickstarter page to share it on your own LinkedIn and Facebook pages so share away with your family and friends!

QUESTIONS? If you have any questions about the Ion Smart Outlet Kickstarter campaign or the product itself, just email info@ion-smart.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

The future is bright for this amazing smart product! We are excited about the possibilities – and hope you are, too! We will keep you informed of future updates – thank you for your consideration of the Ion Smart Outlet Kickstarter campaign!

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