Check out this exciting article just published on, featuring Weifield’s own Chief Estimator, Cody Miller, discussing his Ion Smart Outlet product and its current Kickstarter campaign!

Cody’s Ion Smart Outlet is designed to save consumers energy costs by providing them with the ability to turn their outlets on and off and monitor energy output from each appliance plugged into the outlets, via their mobile device (no separate hub required). According to the U.S. Energy Administration, U.S. consumers lose more than $3B in energy costs to wasted outlet power.

The Ion Smart Outlet Kickstarter page launched in February and runs through March 16th — the campaign has an all-or-nothing fundraising target of $250K and is seeking support from crowdsourcers to achieve its goal!

If you are interested in contributing to the Ion Smart Outlet Kickstarter campaign, please visit this link to contribute!

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