Congratulations to Weifield’s CO/WY July, 2021 Employee of the Month — Sara Christman, Weifield Business Development Manager!

The July, 2021 Employee of the Month round focused on identifying teammates in our company who best represent the ‘T’ (Trusting Relationships) value in our PACT.

Sara was nominated by Weifield Service Manager, Cameo Williams, who said the following:

From Cameo: “The work and effort that Sara puts into our clients is remarkable. She will knock on every door to find out who the decision maker is for a new client. Her continuous reaching out to our current clients makes sure we are taking care of their needs and maintaining those relationships.  I have enjoyed every moment of working with Sara and her drive to make Service and the whole company successful.”

Sara is being awarded a $100 gift card and will be featured in Weifield’s online communications.

Kudos to Sara and thank you for all you do and for representing the ‘T’ in Weifield’s PACT!

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