The Soldier Canyon project in Ft. Collins, CO started in May 2019 with Garney Construction (GC), is a new construction to a 60 MGD facility including new flocculation/sedimentation basin, chlorine contact basin, yard piping, steel tank modifications, chemical feed systems, soda ash silo, decant pond construction, and site work.

Garney Construction was especially thankful for Weifield’s involvement and attention to keep the progress moving ahead and to Weifield’s Prefab team for their creativeness of the generator stairs.

Said Matthew Myer, Garney Construction Project Manager: “The Weifield team stayed involved to make sure things were covered and was always available and answered any questions. They built a great relationship with us to help with strategic planning for the project. Thank you to prefab for being creative to make stairs for the generator to hit the budget and timeline.”

Thank you to our TEAM for creating yet another happy Weifield client – onto the next! GREAT JOB, Soldier Canyon crew!

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