Weifield has a new ‘Gratitude Board’ in the lobby area of our 6950 S. Jordan headquarters office – implemented for the sole purpose of showing our appreciation for each other and the many good things at our company and in our lives!

Did you know that gratitude is good for your health? A study from the University of California San Diego’s School of Medicine found that people who were grateful actually had better heart health, specifically less inflammation and a healthier heart rhythm. People who keep a gratitude journal lower stress hormones like cortisol by 23 percent – and having a daily gratitude practice could actually reduce the effects of aging to the brain.

WHAT MADE YOUR WEEK? Weifield employees – if you are thankful for a co-worker, team, company practice, or any other great person or thing happening in your life – stop by Weifield’s Gratitude Board at any time and put up a Post-It note of what you’re grateful for. Every so often, stop by to see what your co-workers are saying – and we’ll also share some of these notes across the organization and externally to remind ourselves to focus on an attitude of gratitude.

In our fast-paced daily lives, it’s very easy to focus on the things that go wrong….but it’s statistically proven that it is better for individuals to intentionally focus on all of the things that go right in their lives. We’re truly fortunate! SEE YOU AT THE BOARD!

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