When Weifield recently completed our Avista Hospital MRI Replacement project, Howell Construction‘s superintendent on the project was compelled to write Weifield’s Field Supervisor, Charles Venter, an email. Weifield’s performance on our Avista Hospital MRI Replacement project demonstrated to Howell that our ability to take consistency and professionalism to the next level wasn’t a one-off occurrence, but a standard Weifield practice.

This project – which began in April, 2018 and recently completed – consisted of a complete renovation of the hospital’s existing MRI room and included the disconnection, removal and replacement of the MRI machine, new specialized lighting with custom image display, lighting controls, fire alarm, and upgrades to the power distribution system to accommodate the new MRI machine. Weifield also completed a renovation of 1,350 sq. ft. of space surrounding the MRI room to accommodate waiting patients, employee offices, and medical supply storage areas; the exterior scope included power to the exterior trailer and the installation of a temporary MRI machine outside of the hospital which was maintained throughout the project duration.

Yet another example of Weifield’s  dedication to our clients and doing whatever it takes to achieve their mission-critical goals! #kudos #performance #excellence #weifieldway

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