Weifield Prefabrication Manager, Doug Angerman, has reported an amazing team statistic — thus far in 2018, Weifield has completed 100,000 ASSEMBLIES!

According to Doug, just 20,000 more assemblies need to be completed before Weifield *TRIPLES* the amount of assemblies built in 2017!

Over the last year, Weifield entered into true manufacturing. Now with three shop leads and 24 apprentices (and growing), the Prefab team identifies repetitive field installations and adapts them to LEAN manufacturing processes; the associated assemblies are then built in our 20,000 sq. ft. prefab facility. Along with orders from the field, the team turns computer-generated BIM models into electrical components for real-time construction. Once built, the assemblies are shipped via just-in-time delivery to the job sites — eliminating staging and waste, on-site, and accelerating the overall project schedule.

Amazing work, Prefab team — we’re grateful for your ability to enhance our projects with your laser focus on process and execution! #electricalconstruction #prefabrication #excellence #weifieldway

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