Just because you have a past, doesn’t mean you can’t have a future. Curt Andersen, Weifield Journeyman, traveled the road of addiction before getting help via Denver’s Peer 1 Therapeutic Community and starting his successful path at Weifield. Curt’s story was broadcasted on Sunday, July 14th on 850 KOA, one of the largest and most listened to stations in the state of Colorado – and is also going out to the rest of the network’s 2.5 million listeners on over 205 stations across the country!

Listen to this feature, here — which includes excerpts of his personal story from Curt, himself, as well as comments from Weifield Chief Business Development Officer, Karla Nugent.

“When we started our program, we didn’t know what to expect. We didn’t know we’d have a high success rate,” said Nugent. “What surprised me was — we bring them in, believe the best in them, and set up a program — and these individuals thought, ‘I’ve made a bad decision, I’m at the point of accountability, and I’m ready to start a career.'”

“I’m grateful to Weifield; I’m going to give them 110% every time I go to work,” said Andersen.

This is another example of the Weifield Way of caring for our employees and creating the type of company we’re proud of; we hope you enjoy this feature!

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