On May 17th, Garrett K. (Weifield Texas Construction Executive) was presented the Patriotic Employer Award from the Secretary of Defense!

Garrett was recommended by Cesar V. (Weifield Texas Foreman) who said: “Garrett has always been my biggest supporter from work to military career. He allows me the time off that I need when I have training and always has my back on filling in the gaps when I leave. Being in a leadership/ Foreman role it is very hard for me to walk away from a project in the middle of the work week and be gone at times for multiple weeks. Garrett always makes sure he spends time with me before I leave and there is another leader on standby ready to accommodate my leave. When I come back, he always calls to check in, making sure I’m caught up and motivated! Due to my service and skills, he always holds me to a higher standard and never doubts my abilities to complete a task with tact and professionalism.”

“I am SGT V. with the MOS (Military Occupational specialties) of 0352 an Anit-tank Guided Missile Man. I am with Weapons company, 1st Battalion, 23rd Marines in Austin, Texas, where I serve as a Platoon section leader for C.A.A.T (Combined Anti- Armor Team). Our weapon specialties are the saber system (TOW missiles), Javelin missiles, .50 cal., MK-19 heavy machine guns, and the 240B medium machine gun. I have been a reservist for eight years and have been fortunate to work with IDI Electric/ Weifield through it all. I am thankful to all the leadership at Weifield that have helped me to progress thru out my career and allowing me to still do what I love and that is being a United States Marine, and because I have the support and guidance of great leaders, I am proud to say that I have just reenlisted for another four years.”

HUGE kudos to Garrett for representing Weifield in this exemplary fashion and also to Cesar for his service, and for nominating him!





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