When the COVID-19 pandemic was first emerging, little was known about how quickly and how severely it would impact the world, at large. By the end of March, 2020, the United States led the world in confirmed cases. Cases topped one million in the U.S. by April 2nd.

Weifield immediately established a COVID-19 Task Force to ensure the safety of our job sites and offices – with the offices officially opening back up a year ago, in May, 2020, with the appropriate COVID-19 protocols. By summer, we were back working full-time in the office – as our team believed that if our field personnel were working safely in their ‘offices,’ our non-field personnel would be, as well.

Now, as COVID restrictions are lifting across our state and regions, we celebrate the efforts of our field teams, office staff, COVID Task Force, and IT Team who pulled together to keep everyone safe and productive.

We are so PROUD of our efforts to dig in and surmount every obstacle with tenacity and teamwork…just like we do with every challenge – together, the Weifield Way.

To our team – we say, THANK YOU!

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