On Wednesday, January 17th, Weifield held Arc Flash Awareness training at the Quality Technology Services (QTS) project location in Aurora, CO for the contractor, client and sub-contractors!

This training was performed for the General Contractor (Holder), the Client (QTS) and Holder’s sub-contractors that are on site, in preparation to the building receiving permanent power in the very near future. It was done in two sessions, with a total of about 25 in attendance; this will be re-occurring on an as-needed basis with Weifield’s on-site safety manager, Louis B., doing this training moving forward.

As for the QTS project, it includes construction of a multi-phased data center campus. Phase 1 includes a 300,000+ sq. ft. data hall (mostly shell) and associated site infrastructure work, as well as a 3MW Day 1 buildout with an option to build out another 3MW of critical capacity.

Thanks to all who attended and participated in this worthwhile and informative training!



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