[Update from Scott D., Industrial General Superintendent]

The Rocky Mountain Industrial division had a great Industrial Supervisor meeting last week at IECRM in Northglenn, CO – with great turnout and engagement from the team!

Chris W. and Mike B., Industrial Field Supervisors, led the meeting and developed the content for the meeting. The following topics were covered:

  • Headlines – Departmental headlines [Brian M., RM General Superintendent, was in attendance and provided some headlines as well]
  • Safety – MOP Reviews, lessons learned [Josh B., Safety Director, was in attendance and provided support for this topic]
  • Process and Procedures – Proper recording of information, CTC walk checklist review, daily huddles, goal setting, etc.
  • Upcoming projects – The team went through all upcoming projects won by Industrial Precon Department
  • Being a Steward of Weifield
  • Upcoming trainings – Upcoming Controls class on 2/3/24 (Voluntary class on a Saturday presented by Chris W., Scott D., and Angela S.)

From Scott: “We had great engagement by our amazing field leaders and PMs at this meeting; it was fantastic to see the passion our people have for our team and our team development.  We hit every point of our PACT in two short hours!”

The Industrial team makes an effort to hold these Industrial Field Supervisor meetings on a monthly basis to have these meetings to cover a wide range of topics that have been observed or passed down through the Operations leadership team.

Added Scott: “It has benefited the team to bring everyone together to share ideas or issues that our people are encountering on jobs.  I am super proud of our entire team and what they accomplish every day.  I would also like to give a shout-out to Mike B.  for aiding in the development of the agenda and supporting our superintendents to take the reins of this meeting.  Special thanks to Josh B. and Brian M. for their continuous support of our team. We are making the next generation better!”


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