Congratulations to our Large Construction division’s Project Sugar team for being named Weifield’s February, 2023 Rocky Mountain Crew of the Month!

The Project Sugar project with Ryan Companies in Loveland, CO consists of redevelopment of the Sugar Mill buildings and site in Loveland, CO, in preparation for a confidential 4M sq. ft. distribution center.

The project is led by Michael S. (Project Manager), Erik U., Nick G., Evan T. (Field Supervisors). Weifield’s Project Sugar team members include: Isidro A. (Apprentice), Samuel A. (RTT), Armando B. (RTT), Eulalio B. (RTT), Travis C. (Foreman), Lawrence C. (RTT), Will C. (Apprentice), Kyle D. (Apprentice), Jordon E. (Apprentice), Dominick E. (Apprentice), Juan G. (Apprentice), Josh G. (Journeyman), Kody H. (RTT), Nelson I. (RTT), Gregory J. (Apprentice), Nathan J. (Apprentice), Mario J. (Apprentice), Tim J. (Apprentice), Steve K. (Foreman), Camden L. (RTT), Sean M. (Apprentice), Mike M. (HEO), Michael M. (Apprentice), Alexander M. (Apprentice), Rojelio M. (RTT), Eric M. (Foreman), Joseph M. (Site Safety Manager), Joe Ni. (RTT), Zachary O. (Apprentice), Will P. (Foreman), Lawrence R. (Apprentice), Chris R. (Apprentice), Matthew R. (RTT), Justin R. (Foreman), Dustin S. (Apprentice), Jeremy S. (Apprentice), Raymond S. (Apprentice), Matthew S. (Apprentice), Brian T. (Journeyman), Jessica T. (Apprentice), Saul V. (Apprentice), Stephen W. (Foreman), Zach W. (Apprentice), Jonathan W. (Apprentice) and Gavriel W. (Apprentice).

Per Michael: “The project has a great group from Ryan Companies down through the field for the Weifield team. Despite the changes and challenges this job has faced, our crew of 68 is focused on doing a great job. Nick G. and Erik U. are constantly communicating with our crew to keep them focused on moving in the right direction. They also have done a fantastic job in building a great relationship with Ryan Companies and that has shown in the trust they have in the Weifield team in getting the job done on site in a timely fashion. When Ryan Companies asks, Weifield responds. Eric M. has done a great job managing a large part of the crew that is spread across multiple floors, Evan T. is on top of the one line and is working on the gear and using his crew to get ready to begin the process of turning on permanent power to the building.  Steve W. has taken a crew and made strides in the fire alarm installation. Steve K. has taken on the task of the mechanical equipment with his crew. Justin R. and his crew have done a great job making sure material is in the building and in removing trash from the building. Joe M. is constantly working with our crew in the field to maintain a safe project.

Given the changes in this crew from the start of the project to date, Nick G. and Erik U. are building a great project with great GC in Ryan, all while developing an outstanding crew of Journeyman and training apprentices for the future.

With 4 million square feet of building, (4) main electric rooms, more than 300 distribution, branch power and lighting panels, over 16,000 light fixtures, including 100+ light poles for site lighting, this crew has done a terrific job in staying ahead of schedule. They have adapted to changes in the concrete pours, finding work arounds to keep forward momentum. Every day we have a great crew that shows up ready to take on the day. Without them this project would not be what it is.”

Kudos to our outstanding Project Sugar TEAM for this well-deserved recognition!

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