Congratulations to our Large Construction division’s CSU Lory team for being named Weifield’s January, 2023 Rocky Mountain Crew of the Month!

The CSU Lory project with Haselden Construction in Ft. Collins, CO consists of approximately 100,147 sq. ft. remodel and addition of the existing 3-story Lory Student Center. This project is a high-profile project for Colorado State University, with several areas within the project that are to remain open to students/faculty. The project schedule will be 15 months in duration.

The project is led by Kelly F. (Project Manager), Ryan N. (Foreman) and Jorge C. (Estimator). Weifield’s CSU Lory team members include: Cassidy C. (Apprentice), Kyle D. (Apprentice), Dominick E. (Apprentice), Jared F. (Apprentice), Joseph H. (Foreman), Kiernan I. (Apprentice), Sam M. (Journeyman), Evan S. (Apprentice), Raymond S. (Apprentice), Edward S. (Apprentice) and Gerard V. (RTT).

Per Kelly: “From the beginning of the design phase in 2019 to the present, nothing but challenges and lessons have been learned. After COVID shelved the project with all the unknowns that came along with it, piecing everything that was discussed, promised, and designed together has made this project unlike any other. By working with Haselden throughout the entire process, we have brought our teams closer together from previous years of relationships, and we are building on that relationship with other projects as well. Having said that, the entire team has grown tremendously through all of the lessons learned. Through the challenges that we’ve been through and still to face, I know we’ve got the right team to get through challenges ahead after being through so much already. Want to thank everyone from Russell T., Jorge C., Matt F., and Senior PMs that have added to the support that Ryan and I have needed to successfully get to this point. We are excited to get through these next hurdles and apply these learnings to future projects.”

Kudos to our outstanding CSU Lory TEAM for this well-deserved recognition!

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