Kudos to our Texas VRBO crew for being named our Q1-2023 Crew of the Quarter!

This project started in August, 2022 with GC partner, Harvey-Cleary Builders, is a 315,882 sq. ft. tenant improvement of a multi-level remodel on the upper four floors of a 16-story office building (levels 13-16). The project was stopped in the middle of COVID shutdowns in early 2020 and is now picking back up for the remainder of Phase II; the project is being built in an occupied building environment.

According to Matt P., Weifield Texas Project Manager: “The VRBO team has done a great job. Harvey-Cleary has been very satisfied with Bryon M. and his crew. A safety recognition was given to this team for being the safest contractor on site. Craftsmanship and customer satisfaction has been a focal point for this team. Thank you VRBO Team for all your hard work.”

Along with Matt, our crew consists of: Ryan B. (General Superintendent), Bryon M. (Foreman), Raymond N. (Project Engineer), Brian A. (Journeyman), Brian A. (Apprentice), Carlos B. (Apprentice), Miguel C. (Journeyman), Adam D. (Apprentice), Carlos G. (Journeyman), Gabriel G. (RTT), Josh H. (Apprentice), Todd J. (Journeyman), Efrain J. (Apprentice), Sam K. (RTT), Mitchell L. (Apprentice), Gerzain M. (RTT), Natanael M. (RTT), Fabian O. (RTT), Mark P. (Foreman) and Hector R. (RTT)

Outstanding job, VRBO team!

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