Congratulations to our Industrial division’s Rueter-Hess team for being named Weifield’s November, 2022 Rocky Mountain Crew of the Month!

The Rueter-Hess project with Garney Construction (GC) in Castle Rock, CO is comprised of modifications to the Rueter-Hess Well House, including the addition of iron and manganese filtration.

The project is led by Angela S. (Project Manager), Dillon F. (Foreman) and Marty S. (Estimator); Weifield’s Rueter-Hess team members include: Jean B. (Apprentice), Hunter F. (Apprentice), Kevin F. (Journeyman), Travis M. (Journeyman), Megan R. (Apprentice) and Maxwell S. (Apprentice).

Per Dillon: “Rueter Hess is a team that can only be defined as meticulous and strategic.  The crew has fluctuated but our core processes with our people remain consistent.  We are laser focused on teaching fundamentals as we execute our plans. Strong leads like Megan R., Max S. and William B. can see and proactively avoid costly errors, while also taking the time to teach critical Industrial techniques to all our new people. We’ve also been very lucky in the hiring of new Journeymen like Travis M. and Kevin F.  These two have hit the ground running and have shown how they are strong and reliable players in the Industrial group. We’re also utilizing Chris W.’s innovative techniques, like building GRC lighting systems on the ground completely and then lifting them with Gripple hardware. This crew molds younger apprentices into future leaders, like Jean B., Hunter F. and Jared M. by allowing them to plan out smaller tasks and execute them from start to finish.  The growth of these apprentices is measurable every day!  All of this would not have been possible without the incredibly valuable support of our Project Manager Angela S. and Project Engineer Erin K. as well as the overall mentorship and leadership of General Superintendent Scott D.  I am grateful to be a part of a truly rare and amazing team!”

Kudos to our outstanding TEAM for this well-deserved recognition!

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