Weifield’s September, 2019 Employee of the Month round focused on identifying those nominees within Weifield who demonstrate the highest levels of integrity in their work on a continual basis.

Excited to announce our September, 2019 Employee of the Month winner for the CO/WY region — MICHAEL FITZPATRICK!

Michael was nominated by his field supervisor, David Holder, and seconded by Nick Bull, Construction Manager.

From David Holder: I nominate Michael Fitzpatrick; this is not an easy one as we have an entire crew who is showing great integrity but since Michael has worked with me for the last year, his word has always been true when I asked him if he is finished with his tasks.  That in itself is an amazing quality in today’s world.  He also has never been dishonest about his progress, he always gives an honest answer to where his task is in the completion process.

From Nick Bull: I second David’s vote — Michael is a good kid and a model employee.

As the winning employee, Michael will be featured in Weifield’s WiredIn newsletter and on social media — and will receive a $100 gift card.

We’re proud of your efforts, Michael, to consistently show integrity in your work — congratulations!!

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