On Wednesday, March 13th, the Tennessee Oncology Team was treated to a picnic feast!

Melissa M. (wife of Weifield Tennessee Superintendent, Brian M.) made amazing homemade lasagna!

The Tennessee Oncology Team Crew

Jon B. (Weifield Tennessee Journeyman)
Kelsey H. (Weifield Tennessee Project Engineer)
Christian L. (Weifield Tennessee Field Supervisor)
James L. (Weifield Tennessee General Superintendent)
Leonel L. (Weifield Tennessee Journeyman)
Brian M. (Weifield Tennessee Superintendent)
Des O. (Weifield Tennessee Apprentice)
Sungmyung R. (Weifield Tennessee Apprentice)
Luis R. (Weifield Tennessee Apprentice)
Lawrence W. (Weifield Tennessee Project Manager)

We’re grateful for the hard work the crew is putting in at Tennessee Oncology and thank you Melissa for the wonderful lasagna!

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