Huge kudos to our Texas July, 2020 Employee of the Month — Bryon Morstatter!

The July, 2020 TX Employee of the Month focused on identifying leaders from the front lines who have led their projects successfully despite the obstacles.

Bryon (Field Supervisor) worked on the State House project in Austin, TX.  The existing State House complex is located in downtown Austin. The upcoming development project consists of forty-two apartment units that will being demolished to make way for a new building. The State House Development will be transformed into a four-story building with three floors of office space above street-level retail and restaurants. The project will replace one of the 12 buildings that currently make up the 287-unit State House apartment complex. In time, the remaining 245 apartment units will be renovated as they become vacant. Bryon was nominated by Weifield Texas COO, Richard White and Project Manager, Christine Suggs, who said the following:

From Richard: “Bryon is proactive with his approach on the project which ultimately results in a well-coordinated job.”

From Christine: “He took the team and got them focused for a great ending to State House. Plus, he has kept the Gilbane team happy through all of the changes and challenges that they keep throwing at him.”

Bryon is being awarded a $100 gift card and will be featured in Weifield’s online communications.

Thank you for helping make Weifield great, Bryon — congratulations!

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