Weifield is doing Veterans events in all regions this summer! In July and August, our Rocky Mountain Precon teams are hosting Volunteers of America events with 3 – 4 clients & partners and 6 – 7 Weifield volunteers, each (with the exception of the Cornhole event on 7/21/22 – we will have 15 volunteers in total, for that event). If you are interested in participating, please contact Dora Harrell at dharrell@weifieldgroup.com. Our Tennessee and Texas teams also have veterans events planned – watch for more details soon!

The Weifield RM Precon volunteers at the Yard Angel event on July 13th (L-R: Nena W. (RM Estimator), Clark B. (RM Director of Preconstruction), Jorge C. (RM Estimator), Quincy D. (RM Preconstruction Manager), Brandon F. (RM Project Engineer) and Scott P. (RM Preconstruction Manager)].

Below are the RM Precon volunteers at the VOA Mission Day Shelter event on July 14th (L-R: Kelli S. (Weifield RM Preconstruction Specialist), Rick S. (Vulcan Fire & Security), Katie B. (Howell), Jennifer Lynn F. (Howell), Anthony W. (Weifield RM Director of Preconstruction Sales), Michal P. (Weifield RM Project Manager) and Scott P. (Weifield Preconstruction Manager). Volunteers prepped and served a meal to the homeless, helped in the clothing room and other tasks around the Mission.

On July 20th, Weifield volunteered at the Yard Angel Event in Ft. Collins, CO. This event included building a wheelchair ramp for a senior in need. Wefield volunteers included: Scott D. (Weifield RM General Superintendent), Angel G. (Weifield RM Project Manager), Randi K. (Weifield RM Preconstruction), Curtis M. (Weifield RM VP of Industrial & Infrastructure), Brandee R. (GH Phipps), Marty S. (Weifield RM Senior Preconstruction Manager), Robert S. (Weifield RM Project Engineer), Vince S. (GH Phipps), Rebecca T. (GH Phipps) and Jacey V. (FCI). We were told the group of volunteers was the best group VOA has ever worked with, and it has been the same for every event with Weifield.

The VOA Freedom Springs Bean Bag Toss on Thursday, July 21st in Colorado Springs, CO. Residents participated and there was a really good turnout of volunteers: Weifield – Steve B. (Project Manager), Marc C. (Foreman), Ian C. (Apprentice), Jeremy D. (Foreman), Colby F. (Director of Southern Colorado), Robert M. (Foreman), Jacob M. (Estimator), Marshall T. (Senior Preconstruction Manager); GE Johnson – Jeremy Reading; Elder Construction – Bryan Tungseth; All-Phase Electric Supply (Jacob Hischke, Brian Kislesky, Kaylie O’Neill; Visual Interest – Remington McCauley, Jenna Vinyard. Gift card donations were provided by Blazer Electric Supply, Graybar, Illumination Systems, Elder Construction, All-Phase Electric Supply and Visual Interest. Everyone that attended received a gift card via raffle ticket drawings, with seven of the cards being for $50 to either King Soopers or Walmart. The rest of the gift cards that were not handed out were presented to VOA to use at future events with the residents of Freedom Springs.

Below are the Tennesse volunteers at the Operation Stand Down Food Box packing event on July 29th (Caleb A. (TN Sr. Preconstruction Manager), John R. (TN Design Phase Manager), Lawrence W. (TN Project Manager), Rob H. (TN Project Manager), Barbara G. (TN AP Supervisor), Shelby L. (TN Business Development Manager), Kelsey M. (TN Executive Assistant), and First Lady of Tennessee, Maria Lee. Volunteers worked in Operation Commissary made food bags for veterans who are experiencing food insecurity in the current economy. 700 bags of non-perishables are sent out monthly. They are currently in a partnership with DoorDash called Project Dash, delivering 150 bags per week to veterans. Volunteers packed Project Dash bags as well as the standard Operation Commissary bags.

Weifield spent the morning at the VOA Mission, August 9th, preparing lunch for the homeless, making hygiene kits, watering our raised beds and outdoor plants, vacuuming the whole place and working in the clothing room. The Weifield team (Quincy D. (Preconstruction Manager), Scott P. (Preconstruction Manager), Kevin K. (Design Phase Manager), Clark B. (Director of Preconstruction Design & Engineering), Trevino T. (Project Manager) and Mario Y. (Senior Project Engineer)) was excited to team up with our great partners (Mortenson Construction, Visual Interest, Flintco Construction) and Volunteers of America Colorado to make a difference in our community!

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