The goal of the East Cherry Creek Valley (ECCV) Water & Sanitation District’s North & South Booster Pump Stations project was to increase the ECCV district’s water distribution by an additional ten million gallons/day (MGD) – for 20 MGD, total – to add more capacity to the system. The water transports 32 miles from the owner’s Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant to their distribution facility, so this project needed to be done before the expansion to their new RO plant was built  — which is another project Weifield is helping ECCV to build.

Weifield assisted ECCV with upgrading their service which included increasing the capability of the medium voltage equipment due to the increasing motor horse power needed at both locations, construction of two new pump buildings, and installing two new medium voltage pumps at each station. Weifield worked with the two utility companies to convert both 480-volt operated pump stations to a 4,160-volt system – the transformation required no interruption to existing operations. The North Booster Pump Station also included a chemical system remodel – another task needing to be executed without interruption to operations.

“Converting the new stations to 4,160V was new – but Weifield knew what they were doing and were forward-thinking, always anticipating challenges,” said Michelle Probasco, ECCV Project Engineer. “They always made the calls they needed to make and stayed on top of the coordination for all electrical components. Every single thing about this project was a struggle, but Weifield alleviated a lot of that.”

ECCV was very appreciative of Weifield’s support on this project – regarding our overall performance, Probasco had this to say: “This was a very complicated project; Weifield was able to adjust quickly, electrically, as needed and they would regularly jump through hoops to meet our needs. Above and beyond was the standard for Weifield and they always ‘had our back.’ We wouldn’t be where we are, without Weifield!”

Happy to report this project also recently won a 2020 IECRM Summit Awards in the Industrial Best Projects category [revenue: $6M – $10M]!

We are so PROUD of our ECCV North & South Booster Pump Stations team for your excellence on this project – congratulations and thank you for creating yet another happy client!

2020 Summit Awards ECCV North & South Booster Pump Stations Award Photo
with Curtis Miller (Director of Industrial Construction) and Daniel Cordova (Industrial PM) – with Brian Miller (Large Construction PM).

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