On Friday, January 5th, in our site-wide daily huddle, it was announced that Weifield’s Boulder 63rd Water Treatment Facility team was named the winner of the Archer Western ‘Safest Crew of the Month’ for December 2023!

Each week the CLS (Craft Leadership Safety) does a job site safety walk and audit. Weifield is represented by William B. (Journeyman), Tim G. (Journeyman) and Hunter F. (Apprentice). They have done a great job at identifying hazards, means to correct them, overall making our site safer and more productive. As field supervisors we rely on the crew to hold each other accountable for safety. William, Tim and Hunter are our lead journeymen and apprentice on site. They all do an excellent job at keeping our people safe. This award shows that Weifield’s crew is going above and beyond to keep not just our crew safe, but the other contractors we work with every day safe as well. We are lucky to work with such a great group of people here at Weifield. Makes getting out of bed so early each morning a blessing not a chore. 

This is a perfect example of what they do!

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