Congratulations to Weifield’s Prefabrication division for being named Weifield’s November, 2020 Crew of the Month!

Weifield’s Crews of the Month are selected based on several evaluation factors, including meeting or exceeding schedule and budget, client satisfaction, team morale, productivity metrics, and more. Our Prefabrication team was chosen by executive management as the winning crew because the division has only been shut down for three days since Covid started; the team also demonstrated efficiency and rapid response when prefabricating the needed items for our Colorado Convention Center Covid-19 Field Hospital project in April. We certainly couldn’t meet our deadlines without this team!

Led by Rob Mercier (Prefab Manager), the Weifield Prefab team members include: Kyle Acdal, Waael Eddeek, Sonia Gonzalez, Erik Gronberg, Jon Heaner, Wilfredo Mayora, Randy Miracle,  Harry Obramowitz, Lukas Olson, Tyler O’Neil, Tyler Resendez, Peter Rodriguez, Zachary Roley, Mateo Steele, Jampier Torres and Carlos Valdez.

Great job on your exceptional  performance, Weifield Prefab team!

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