Congratulations to our Texas Nutrabolt Austin Headquarters TI crew for being named our Q1-2024 Crew of the Quarter!

This project started in June, 2023 with GC partner, The Beck Group. It is a tenant improvement project including BIM LOD 400 coordination, new LED lighting fixtures, and more.

According to Ryan B., Weifield Texas Director of Operations: “Congratulations to our outstanding crew for earning the well-deserved nomination for Crew of the Quarter! Their ability to thrive in the fast-paced environment and navigate the complexities of design installations is truly commendable. The precision, adaptability, and collaborative efforts have not only met but exceeded expectations, making this project a testament to Weifield expertise. In the face of challenges, the team’s resilience and dedication to safety shine through, creating a dynamic and successful work atmosphere.”

Along with Ryan, our crew consists of: Vadim Y. (Weifield Texas Project Manager), Dylan R. (Weifield Texas Field Supervisor), Gabriel S. (Weifield Texas Estimator), Edwin A. (Weifield Texas Apprentice), Carlos B. (Weifield Texas Apprentice), Antonio B. (Weifield Texas Apprentice), Robert C. (Weifield Texas RTT), Joshua C. (Weifield Texas Journeyman), Nikita D. (Weifield Texas Assistant Project Manager), Eric F. (Weifield Texas Apprentice), Carlos G. (Weifield Texas Journeyman), Jesus G. (Weifield Texas RTT), Mauricio G. (Weifield Texas Journeyman), Gabriel G. (Weifield Texas RTT), Matthew G. (Senior Project Manager), Yoandry H. (Weifield Texas RTT), Todd J. (Weifield Texas Service Technician), Efrain J. (Weifield Texas Apprentice), Jose J. (Weifield Texas Journeyman), Samuel K. (Weifield Texas RTT), Duong L. (Weifield Texas Foreman), Jacob L. (Weifield Texas Journeyman), Joshua L. (Weifield Texas RTT), John M. (Weifield Texas RTT), Manuel O. (Weifield Texas Apprentice), Mark P. (Weifield Texas Apprentice), John R. (Weifield Texas RTT), Hector R. (Weifield Texas RTT) and Jacob R. (Weifield Texas Journeyman).

Outstanding job, Nutrabolt Austin Headquarters TI team!



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