Congratulations to our Texas Samsung Taylor Warehouse crew for being named our Q2-2024 Crew of the Quarter!

This project started in April, 2023 with GC partner, Clayco. It is a core/shell warehouse for Samsung at their new Taylor, Texas plant.

According to Daniel E., Weifield Texas Area Superintendent: “Our crew’s commitment to safety while installing underground conduits set them apart. With every cautious step they take below ground, they not only ensure the success of our project but also the well-being of each member of our team. Their dedication to safety and production has earned them the title of Crew of the Quarter.”

Along with Daniel, our crew consists of: Martin C. (Weifield Texas Project Manager), Blair R. (Weifield Texas Assistant Project Manager), Bryon M. (Weifield Texas Foreman), Alfredo S. (Weifield Texas Foreman), Jorge V. (Weifield Texas Foreman), Jorge C. (Weifield Texas Estimator), Edwin A. (Weifield Texas Apprentice), Jorge B. (Weifield Texas RTT), Elijah B. (Weifield Texas RTT), Jose C. (Weifield Texas RTT), Joshua C. (Weifield Texas Journeyman), Eric F. (Weifield Texas Apprentice), Stephen F. (Weifield Texas Apprentice), Gabriel G. (Weifield Texas RTT), Jorge H. (Weifield Texas Journeyman), Brandon H. (Weifield Texas Apprentice), Joseph H. (Weifield Texas Apprentice), Efrain J. (Weifield Texas Apprentice), Sam K. (Weifield Texas RTT), Thadd L. (Weifield Texas RTT), Jordan M. (Weifield Texas Apprentice), Omar R. (Weifield Texas Apprentice), Jacob R. (Journeyman), Tim T. (Weifield Texas Heavy Equipment Operator) and Joshua Tisdel. (Weifield Texas Apprentice).

Outstanding job, Samsung Taylor Warehouse team!

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