Kudos to our Texas Citadel crew for being named our Q4-2022 Crew of the Quarter!

This project started in June, 2022 with GC partner, Rand Construction Corporation, and is a second generation tenant improvement of an investment firm office space including high-end lighting and controls, a 60kVA Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), and added distribution.

According to Matt P., Weifield Texas Project Manager: “The Citadel project has been a unique experience. This project included night work, overtime, and high expectations from the client. Despite some difficulties, Salvador M. has stepped up to the plate and led this team with perseverance and dedication.   Thank you, Citadel crew, for all your hard work.”

Along with Matt, our crew consists of: Ivan B. (Apprentice), Jorge B. (RTT), Antonio B. (Apprentice), Adrian G. (Apprentice), Todd J. (Journeyman), Salvador M. (Foreman), Natanael M. (RTT), Jose N. (Apprentice), Victor P. (Apprentice), John R. (RTT), Rogelio S. (RTT), Peter S. (Estimator), Marcellous W. (Apprentice)

Outstanding job, Citadel team!

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