A big congratulations to Weifield’s Charles Schwab Garage & Retail team for being named our August, 2019 Crew of the Month!

During this project, our Charles Schwab crew has been adaptive to a continuously-changing scope yet they maintain tight schedule timelines, demonstrate high quality workmanship, and continually go the extra mile. This project with Mortenson Construction (GC) is a five-story, 1,000-space parking garage that includes four stories of core and shell retail space attached to the new garage.

Our Charles Schwab team is led by David Kyner (Field Supervisor), Mike Osborne (Construction Manager), Jordan Verhulst (PM), and Kevin Knox (Estimator) — the crew includes: John Bertero, Jeff Bousfield, Nestor Gabriel Jr., Kris Henson, Brad Chapman, Branon Foster, Brian Karl, Burk Keller, David Kyner, Eli Petersen, Mike Saldana, Armado Sanchez, Nathaniel Shufflin, Matt Spicciati, Chris Spurling, and Robert Urioste.

Hats off to our Charles Schwab team for this well-deserved recognition!


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