We are excited to announce that Weifield’s July, 2017 Employee of the Month is: Jonathan Stoudemire!

Weifield’s July, 2017 Employee of the Month program sought nominations for those employees who best represent/embody the value of PEOPLE which we define as: Demonstrating fiscal responsibility, physical well-being, and integrity, every day, and empowering each other to be the best we can be through genuine caring and opportunities for teaching, learning, and celebrating together.

Jonathan was nominated by his field supervisor, Jeremy Daniel, who said the following: “Jonathan exemplifies the people aspect of success. He is here 30 minutes early, every day, without fail, with a smile on and great attitude. He is one of the hardest working guys on my crew, and even though he is only a first year, he eagerly approaches any task put before him with a can-do attitude. My leads all comment on what a great job he does, and how he is always the first to volunteer to put in that 110% extra effort that is needed to help the project succeed. I recently loaned him to another foreman to help them out on a project that was starting to fall behind. After a day, they commented on how he had produced more work, of better quality, than two other first years had produced in twice the time, combined, and in doing so, had helped them get back on track. He sets the example for the other apprentices, with his reliability, his steadfast devotion to doing his best every single day, and his humble attitude.”

As the winning Employee of the Month, Jonathan is being awarded a $100 gift card by Weifield ownership and will be featured on Facebook and in the September “Wired In” newsletter.

Congratulations, Jonathan, for this well-earned recognition!

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