For National Women in Construction (WIC) week, this week, we are excited to feature some of the amazing Weifield women working in both the office and the field who help to keep our company running smoothly!

Next up for feature #2 is a short write-up on what working in the construction industry means to her, from:

I am a person who is detail-oriented, so this profession gives me an opportunity to problem-solve. Construction seemed to fit. Being an electrician challenges me and makes me feel like I’m worth something—to know that I am learning and performing a trade that not everyone can do is very rewarding.

I like the work and the challenge to always prove myself is something I face every day in construction. You put time and effort into each project and work hard in this job and when it is all said and done, there is a satisfying feeling you get from finishing a project. I’m proud to discuss my job with my friends, family, and others.

I was brought onto Weifield’s Service Department when I left my initial prefabrication position. During my first 1.5 years with Weifield, I worked at an RTD station in Westminster, CO—installing the underground work. The project involved well lights, strip lights, and step/rail lighting; I learned to use heavy machinery like excavators and other equipment such as trenchers and lifts to install light poles. It was a lengthy process but the RTD station is now quite a sight to see at night. I still continue to work in the Service department for Weifield.

I have a couple of things I like most about the construction industry. When you’re out in the field, you get to meet people from all walks of life with many different backgrounds, and what matters is that you’re all there for the same reasons or goal—to perform the work to complete the project. It starts to feel like a family…you get to know each other’s work habits and learn from each other. I like the freedom in construction. Every job is different, you are given a task and you know what the end result of it must be, but the conditions of the job can change. You’re free to be creative on how you will finish the job.

What I like most about Weifield is all the opportunities they have provided for me. I have been safely exposed to many different aspects of this trade. I’ve been on top of silos in Halliburton to install 150hp motors. I’ve been in lifts that extend over 150 feet in the air to shine light on Denver University’s rooftops. There’s so much I have already seen and Weifield is there to help me learn about much more. I’m grateful for every chance Weifield has given me to grow as an electrician.

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