For National Women in Construction (WIC) week, this week, we are excited to feature some of the amazing Weifield women working in both the office and the field who help to keep our company running smoothly!

Next up for feature #3 is a short write-up on what working in the construction industry means to her, from:

I was a corporate trainer in the multifamily housing industry while I was in college; I worked full-time and took 18 credits per semester, so when I graduated and moved to Denver, I took a much needed break for a few months before pursuing my next career (I worked at a few places but nothing was a good fit for me). I joined Weifield five years ago and within this time I’ve had many roles …

  • Front desk/receptionist work
  • HR
  • Office management
  • Admin to Ownership
  • Admin to Marketing
  • Admin to Preconstruction & Estimating
  • Philanthropic management
  • Event coordinator and management of company events
  • Company property management and ordering – computers, general IT needs, cell phones, iPads, etc.
  • IT – managed IT account with outside companies, internal contact and support, purchasing and managing programs, etc.

I genuinely enjoy that the construction industry is comprised of people from every type of background coming together with pure determination to build something for tomorrow. We aren’t a stuffy or unapproachable industry — we’re humble, hard work never goes unrecognized, we are the kind that don’t sit still, our boots aren’t clean, and together we build impressive things!

Working directly with owners for many years, I’ve learned first-hand how each of their visions have contributed the company. Each owner is extremely hard-working; they’re individuals who have unique perspectives and leadership styles that are inspiring. A company that provides job security and a promising future to its employees from this kind of leadership will always be ahead of the curve. The owners care about each employee and strive to build an inclusive community that shares their compassion and determination. Culture is a commonly used word at Weifield and there’s good reason for that – our culture is what makes working here unique and enjoyable.

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