For National Women in Construction (WIC) week, this week, we are excited to feature some of the amazing Weifield women working in both the office and the field who help to keep our company running smoothly!

Next up for feature #6 is a short write-up on what working in the construction industry means to her, from:


My brother got me into electrical; I was a  Registered/Certified Dental Assistant before having children. Once we moved to Colorado from New Jersey five and a half years ago, I started to look for a job after working part-time while raising my kids. I was looking for a job (career) to fill my time, something that would challenge me and allow me to make a decent salary. After interviewing with Weifield Group, I was offered a Project Administrator position. When Weifield started an Industrial department, I asked if I could move up north and help get that department started.  My role in our department is multi-faceted; I work with field supervisors, project managers, estimators, and my boss, Curtis Miller — VP of Industrial & Infrastructure.

My day-to-day responsibilities include keeping our CRM system up-to-date, completing RFPs, project coordination, and planning and scheduling departmental trainings, events, and meetings.

I enjoy working with blue collar guys and helping to make their jobs easier by keeping them accountable and giving them the support they need to provide a successful project. It is great working with the Weifield owners and a leadership team that has a passion and drive for quality work and making the world a better place — with a ‘work hard/play hard’ and ‘just-get-it-done’ attitude. Our owners give you opportunities to shine, grow,  and be a self-starter. There is no limit but the limit you put on yourself.

In my position I have the opportunity to do project management, preconstruction, industrial administration, field team support, and assist my boss. I am never bored with the same tasks.

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