For National Women in Construction (WIC) week, this week, we are excited to feature some of the amazing Weifield women working in both the office and the field who help to keep our company running smoothly!

Next up for feature #5 is a short write-up on what working in the construction industry means to her, from:

After graduating college with a degree in Communication, I tested out a few different career paths – sales, customer service, event planning, recruitment, fundraising, logistics, and even floral design. When I moved to Denver three years ago, I did a short stint in office services with an oil and gas company before finally stepping into the construction industry. I started with Weifield a little over two years ago as a project engineer for the Country Club Towers project. That opened my eyes to what the industry is all about – not only the parts and pieces that make up a building, but also the amazing people who make it happen. I am a person who thrives on details and information as well as building relationships – that is how I see our industry thriving as well, so it seemed like a great fit to me.

Currently, I am Weifield Group’s Operations Assistant. I support our Operations and Training departments along with two of our owners. This position has challenged me to be more organized than ever and find ways that different pieces of the puzzle fit together. On a daily basis, I am involved in manpower and project tracking, training planning, and have recently taken on managing our apprenticeship program. There is a lot of juggling involved, but it is so rewarding when everything falls into place – both specifically in my position and generally in the industry.

I enjoy the rapid pace of our industry and the strong work ethic of everyone I encounter in the field and office. In my current role, I have seen how open Weifield is to ideas on improving processes and efficiency. I have also experienced how the people and culture of a company truly make a difference in job satisfaction. Even with the rapid growth we’ve seen as a company over the past few years, I have witnessed the time and energy Weifield has poured into continually improving our culture – one perfect example is the progression of our training program. I appreciate the ongoing development of people, culture, and processes I see at Weifield and I am grateful to get the chance to be a part of that progress. The construction industry is constantly moving, never at a standstill.

I am excited to see how we as a company, and as women in the industry, will be an integral part of that movement upward and onward!

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