On Tuesday, August 22nd, at the Boulder 63rd WTP jobsite, in Boulder, Colorado, Weifield partnered with Youth for Christ’s Juvenile Justice Ministry to sign cards of encouragement for incarcerated youth in our area that need lifted spirits!

Youth for Christ is a worldwide Christian movement working with young people around the globe.

It’s Weifield’s consistent goal to provide second chances and uplifting spirits to those in our community that need us most. By signing these cards, we are not only able to provide words of encouragement, but letting the youth members of our community know that they are not alone and supported during their efforts to better their situations. We at Weifield recognize that not all incarcerated youth end up in these situations due to decisions of their own, but circumstances uncontrolled by them. To do this, Weifield brought in coffee and treats as well as cards with the participating companies’ logos in a show of support to those receiving the cards. There was also a brief presentation by the Juvenile Justice Ministry to grab some breakfast and sign the cards.

Attending from Weifield was Chris W. (Weifield Rocky Mountain Superintendent), Steve B. (Weifield Rocky Mountain Foreman) and Erin J. (Weifield Rocky Mountain Project Manager).

Weifield was grateful to participate with Youth for Christ’s Juvenile Justice Ministry to encourage and support incarcerated youth!

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