Lockheed Martin | Owner

Swinerton Builders | General Contractor

PROJECT DURATION: January, 2021 – December, 2022

PROJECT TYPE:Mission Critical

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This project is an extensive renovation of the M-77A building on the Lockheed Martin Waterton Campus in Littleton, Colorado. The building, commonly referred to as the SSN Building (Space Support North), has been in operation since the 1980’s and is in need of major upgrades. The project is a complex, multi-phased renovation of approximately 93,000 sq. ft. (basement through 5th level) in a partially occupied building containing critical and sensitive operations (multiple existing SCIFs and supporting spaces). The new spaces include new MDF, data center, multiple SCIF spaces, extension of the main PDS system, conference and meeting spaces, and other common spaces. Electrically, this is a complex, phased project consisting of multiple tie-ins to existing gear that requires detailed planning to limit downtime of the existing operating spaces as well as securing the existing spaces that remain operational as well.

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