As a Weifield Director of Industrial Preconstruction / Industrial Vice President, Curtis Miller is responsible for the overall operations of Weifield’s Industrial & Water/Waste Water division. Curtis provides leadership, develops strategic plans to advance the division, and generates revenue, profitability and growth for the division. Curtis has decades of experience working with industrial applications on numerous water- and wastewater treatment-related projects. He also has in-depth experience working on projects ranging from small upgrades and retrofits to extremely large technical projects consisting of tremendous coordination and time demanding applications, while interfacing within plant operations’ constraints to keep existing plants running smoothly and without disruption.

    Curtis is a Master Electrician and previous business owner who has substantial experience working on a wide variety of notable water reclamation facility projects as well as water treatment plant projects in many cities across Colorado and Wyoming; notable projects include the Mulberry Water Reclamation Facility, the Fort Collins Drake Water Reclamation Facility, Milliken Waste Water treatment facility, Town of Wellington Water & Waste Water Treatment Facilities, Consolidated Mutual Water District Maple Grove Water Treatment Facility, City of Fort Collins Water Treatment Facility, Thornton Water Treatment Facility, Westminster Water and Waste Reclamation Facilities, Lochbuie Waste Water Treatment Facility, Wyoming BPOU facility and many others.

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