This week is nationally recognized as Women in Construction (WIC) Week — where companies throughout the U.S. celebrate and emphasize the growing role of women in the industry!

We are excited to profile some of the highly competent and committed women in our ranks, this week – next up is M’Lissa O., Weifield Texas Executive Assistant!



My work history started in the dental field immediately after graduating high school and later attending school to obtain my Esthetician & Laser license. Once I realized that both fields did not have potential for growth within a company, I realized I wanted a career change and wanted to establish a career in a company that had room for growth and opportunities to excel within the company. I spent five years with a construction company that closed their doors in Austin, TX and lead me back to the dental world, temporarily, until I was presented with the opportunity at Weifield Texas. Thankfully, I had known Garrett White for several years as I worked with his wife, Sarah, at a Med Spa in Austin. He contacted me to let me know that Weifield had an Office Manager opportunity available, during the transition of IDI merging with Weifield Group to launch their new location in Texas. I started my career with Weifield in February 2019 as an Office Manager and have since transitioned into an Executive Assistant to Richard White, General Manager of Weifield Texas, and also provide support to multiple departments for Texas.

There are so many things I enjoy about the industry, and the laid back “family” atmosphere and relationships we have developed. I can’t express how much I enjoy seeing people grow and their excitement as Weifield acknowledges when they stand out for doing a great job. Our team is strong, and we have always supported one another through the good and challenging times. I am so grateful for the Colorado team and the support we receive on a regular basis, from all departments. They have been beyond willing to help within a matter of seconds and take time to visit our site for training and to fill the gaps with little notice. The entire team has made me feel welcome, and part of the Weifield family since day one.

Sage J. and Lacey B. are my go-to girls, my rock, & mentorship ladies. I can’t express the appreciation I have for their support and willingness to take the time anytime I reach out!

I am astonished with the growth in the past three years and excited for what the future will bring. I am thankful to be where I am and enjoy being part of a great team, and work for an amazing company.

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