March 1 – 7, 2020 is nationally recognized as Women in Construction (WIC) Week — where companies throughout the U.S. celebrate and emphasize the growing role of women in the industry!

We are excited to profile some of the highly competent and committed women in our ranks, this week – next up is Cameo Williams, Weifield Service Manager!



I started my career as a food safety inspector and then my life took a big change; I found out that I was going to have a baby.  After maternity leave and realizing that I wasn’t cut out to be a stay at home mom, I wanted to start a new career.  I was lucky in my life to be surrounded by a dad and a husband in construction.  I kept my ears open to everything they talked about regarding their projects.  I would hear about payment applications, submittals, inspections, all of the day to day operations, before I even knew what they were.  It only made sense that I go down the path of construction, but would have never thought it would take me on the journey it has.  I was lucky to start at Weifield 9 years ago.  I started in the service department to help the previous service manager get the department started.

I am a native of Colorado, so unlike everyone else, I love the ever changing landscape of Denver.  I enjoy to see all the growth.  When I see new buildings or multi-family housing, I think of all the jobs this great state provides for people and their families.  I also enjoy all of the people I get the opportunity to work with every day, providing a service to our customers and watching their business grow.

I learn every day from all of the people around me. I try to keep my eyes open to everything around me, what other departments are doing and what we both can do to help each other grow and to help the company grow.  I was also blessed to work directly with Karla years ago.  She taught me so much on how to put together our marketing materials, how to handle clients and overall business etiquette.  A special thanks to Tessa, for always knowing how to pull together all the resources that might help when you are in a pinch.  And, I would like to thank all the ladies at Weifield Group.  I learn something from each of them every day, even if it’s small or just a smile.  We need to hold each other up and make each other shine.

I enjoy all of the people I work with.  Construction is a hard industry but when you have people around you that have great attitudes and like the place they work, it makes it a great environment for everyone else to succeed.  I also enjoy dealing with our customers; I enjoy hearing about how we impacted their business.

I think we will continue to see women grow in the construction industry. We have a different outlook on business and how it impacts the daily procedures of a construction schedule.  We have to manage our day to day lives, our families and we put everything together on a mass schedule. I hope that I get to grow with Weifield and in the construction industry.  I get to tell everyone that I will be with Weifield for 10 years (next year) and I will be the first female employee (besides Karla as an owner) to get to 10 years.  To me that is a huge accomplishment for myself and company.

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