March 1 – 7, 2020 is nationally recognized as Women in Construction (WIC) Week — where companies throughout the U.S. celebrate and emphasize the growing role of women in the industry!

We are excited to profile some of the highly competent and committed women in our ranks, this week – next up is Estela Perez, Weifield Journeyman!



It all started when I was a little girl; my father was an electrical engineer and he would love to show us how he would draw out the plans by hand and explained it to us, as well. I have been in the electrical field for 23 years. I started from the bottom – I have worked for an industrial company, working in duct banks digging with a pick and shovel, bending PVCs with heaters, rags and water, and making 90s and offsets. I worked for Intel for eight years and several other companies – including Apple, Tesla, gas plants, and power plants.  I have played the role of foreman and lead woman in some companies. I have stayed on my tools because I love the field and I love my job. For me, it’s like art. I am currently a Journeyman working at Weifield’s Badger/Buffalo Oil & Gas project in Brighton, Colorado.

I enjoy the challenge of the job — I get a task and I try my best to excel in it. I would like to thank God for giving me the strength to go on and for allowing nothing to bring me down. Additionally, I’d like to thank all of the journeymen that showed me what I know — and those who didn’t want to show me just made me look at what they were doing, closer, to help me master the job and figure it out, myself.

I feel Weifield really cares about its employees down to the ‘little guy’ – they provide all the things that help worker succeed, like the apprentice program.

My advice for women considering a career in construction is — work as hard as you can for your goals — anything is possible when you put your mind to it!

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