Congratulations to Weifield’s CO/WY and TX February, 2021 Employees of the Month! The February, 2021 Employee of the Month round focused on identifying employees who best represent Weifield’s People (‘P’) value in our PACT. The winners for both regions included:

Jeff Holderman, Weifield Field Superintendent, was nominated by Senior Project Manager, Brian Miller, who said the following:
From Brian: “Jeff would be the poster boy for the ‘P’ in our PACT, and could and would be vouched for by many if not all of the crew members that have worked with him — not only in the field, but as the support staff as well. He genuinely cares for and takes care of all the members on his team even after they have departed his current job site. He takes the time to talk with them about any situation that may come their way. He will always put others first when it comes to accolades and will always be up front to defend any issues.”

Braulio Aguillón, Weifield Texas Electrician, was nominated by Richard White, Weifield Texas Construction Executive and Octavio Bolanos, Weifield Texas Foreman, who said the following:
From Richard: “Braulio always works hard, he is very smart, has a great attitude and demonstrates the People skills in our PACT.”
From Octavio: “This great man, works hard, he is smart, has a good attitude, he is always on time! He will be a future foreman for Weifield Group.”

Congratulations, Jeff and Braulio, for these well-deserved recognitions!

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