Congratulations to our Large Construction division’s Project Rodeo project team for being named Weifield’s January, 20201 Crew of the Month!

This project, started last January, 2020, is a four million sq. ft., five-level warehouse/distribution center for a confidential client on 70 acres — built with a fast track schedule. It is the largest building the client has in Colorado, largest in a seven-state area and first to be virtually modeled. The project includes four 4,000-amp services, over 16,000 light fixtures, and 150,000+ man hours.

Per Weifield Project Manager, Mike Barron:  “Project Rodeo is a massive undertaking of planning and coordination.  The crews we have onsite are second to none.  The crew is under immense pressure to keep up with late arriving information on a fast paced schedule.  They are excelling and raising the bar for what the client expects.  Here’s to a job well done!!”

Led by Brad Chapman, Nick Gritt, Taylor Huskey (Field Supervisors) and Mike Barron and Jordan Verlhulst (Project Managers), Project Rodeo team members include:  Zach Allison, Cody Anderson, Brian Archibald, Skylor Barry, Jeff Bousfield, Brandon Burchell, Tyler Burrus, Thomas Cashion, Kelly Cook, Timothy Cordova, David Corriston, Jeremy Dean, Brad Evans, Alan Flores, Cesar Flores, Branon Foster, Brett Franke, James Fraser, Chris Fries, Evan Gallagher, Jason Garcia, Juan Garcia, Joshua Girodo, Uriah Gonzales, Timothy Gust, Ben Hardendorf, Steve Hartt, Mark Haselhorst, Mikel Hochleutner, Steven Holt, Andrew Humphrey, Jordan Johnson, Brian Karl, Burk Keller, Brian Kelsey, Kayden Knutson, Daniel Krohn, Chris Linder, Jaime Lopez, Sage Mason, Thomas Massey, Robert May, Jake McCune, David McDaniel, James McDonnell, Jonathan McKibbin, Kyle McPeake, Nico Medrano, Joseph Montero, Julian Moreno, Daniel Munoz, Daniel Nelms, Nate Outwater, Elisa John Petersen, Marquis Pimentel, Desmond Pineda, Ryan Pyner, Dylan Reinhold, Jesse Reyman, Israel Rodriguez, Raul Rodriguez, Armando Sanchez, Jose Sanchez, Eric Sexton, Christopher Shurtleff, Joseph Slensker, Brian Smith, Michael Snelson, Chris Spurling, William Stewart, Narada Tanner, Dale Tinnes, Michael Trischler, Zach Weir, Logan White, Andrey Yeremenko and Leonid Yeremenko.

Kudos to the outstanding crew for this impressive recognition!

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