To help beat the heat of summer, Weifield is kicking off a 30-DAY HYDRATION CHALLENGE from July 2, 2018 through August 15, 2018 – which challenges all Weifield employees to drink 64 oz. of water in total (eight 8-oz. glasses of water) each day during the contest period!

HYDRATION BACKPACKS WILL BE AWARDED to the first 100 participants to successfully complete this challenge! To participate:

1. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: HR will be emailing out Hydration Challenge materials for a hydration tracker you can use and benefits of staying hydrated this summer; you can also use an app to help you track (look for daily water trackers in iTunes and Google Play stores).

2. SEND IN YOUR PHOTO/STORY: Send in photo(s) along with a story of you/your crew stay active & hydrated at work and on your own time to the Wellness Committee (at to be posted to Weifield’s Facebook page and newsletter – also be sure to post/tweet to your own accounts as well using the hashtag: #water4weifield – we’ll get the word out about your active (and hydrated) lifestyle!

3. PHOTO/STORY DEADLINE: Photo and story submissions must be sent to the Wellness Committee by August 15, 2018 (at

4. BACKPACK PRIZES: The Wellness Committee will award and notify the first 100 participants who met the submission criteria of their hydration backpack prize – and will arrange delivery to the jobsite.

Questions? It’s that easy! Please contact Kaitlin Cross in HR/Wellness Committee with any questions on the program at 303.407.6639.


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