On Saturday, May 4th, Weifield was excited to sponsor the 2024 Hope House 5K & Fun Run at the Apex Center in Arvada, Colorado!

The Weifield group did an outstanding job! Eric J. (RM Journeyman), Erin J. (RM Project Manager), Nena W. (RM Estimator), Jessica T. (RM Apprentice) and Kelsey W. (RM Apprentice) stepped up to answer questions for several people that stopped by to ask about career opportunities. Eric, Jessica and Kelsey discussed the apprenticeship program in depth with people that wanted to know more about the industry and more about Weifield, and they did it in such an excited and enthusiastic way that Weifield could not have felt prouder of anyone. Eric is very good at speaking with people and making them want to hear more and feel comfortable asking questions. Carly J. (RM Project Engineer), Kaitlyn A. (RM Project Engineer), and Nico M. (RM Apprentice) helped with setup and participated in the race and of course made us proud!

A great deal was learned about this event and what it means to have a presence, so we would like to ask about the possibility of doing this next year but focusing on a better way to reach the moms on a more one to one basis and Kelsey had some wonderful ideas on what we could do differently. We had a great deal of visitors and our tent remained extremely busy. Although we were there for the moms, we also discovered there was a community that wanted to know about Weifield as well as career opportunities.

We had a teacher from Arvada West High School approach us and ask if we would be interested in sending someone out to speak to her students about the industry and career opportunities.  We of course said yes!

Hope House is metro-Denver’s only resource providing free self-sufficiency programs to parenting teen moms, including Residential, High School & GED and College & Career Programs. Additional supportive services include parenting and healthy relationships classes, an Early Learning Program, health and wellness, financial literacy and personal growth classes as well as certified counseling, all designed to prepare them for long-term independence.

Looking forward to participating in this fun and worthwhile event next year!














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