Kudos to our Large Construction’s Kimball Hospital team for being named Weifield’s September, 2023 Rocky Mountain Crew of the Month!

The Kimball Hospital project with Haselden Construction in Kimball, Nebraska is new construction of a 61,000 sq. ft. single story hospital. The hospital includes large in-patient rooms, wide corridors, modernized and large surgical suites, and in-house CT and MRI services.

The project is led by Kelly F. (Project Manager) and Jon K. Jr. (Field Supervisor). Weifield’s Kimball Hospital team members include: Todd A. (Journeyman), Mario B. (Apprentice), Doyle B. (Journeyman), Slayd D. (Apprentice), Nicholas D. (Apprentice), Jason G. (Apprentice), Titus H. (Apprentice), Malaki J. (Apprentice), Camden L. (RTT), Trevin L. (Apprentice), Adam M. (Journeyman), Kadon P. (Apprentice), Branden P. (Foreman), Joshua R. (Journeyman), Kirk T. (Apprentice), Collin W. (Apprentice) and Nicholas W. (Apprentice).

Per Kelly: “As we embarked on our first ground-up hospital project, we anticipated encountering numerous challenges. Jon K. Jr. and our entire team have demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt and learn throughout the project’s evolution. This marks Jon’s inaugural experience overseeing a ground-up project of this caliber, and regardless of its size, he has meticulously managed every detail to prevent significant setbacks. As we find ourselves in the most demanding phase of the project, Jon and the team are unwavering in their commitment to bring this endeavor to completion on schedule. This is no small feat, given the multitude of systems that require powering up and commissioning. We are confident in our team’s abilities, and we remain focused and determined. We eagerly anticipate the successful completion of Weifield’s first ground-up hospital, which represents a significant milestone in our history. Our success in this endeavor, both financially and in building a strong relationship with Haselden, positions us as a sought-after partner for future hospital projects with other general contractors.”

Congratulations to our impressive Kimball Hospital team for this well-deserved recognition!

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