What is Target Zero Safety?

At Weifield Group Contracting, we feel that our employees are the most valuable part of our company. We firmly believe that employee safety is the most important part in our daily operations and that preventing incidents in the workplace is paramount and achievable.

Our Safety Department works closely with all employees daily to ensure that quality is achieved and safe work is performed. Engrained in our Target Zero injury belief for all of us is that we expect and achieve a safe workplace.

Five Building Blocks of our Safety Culture:

  1. Weifield Group Contracting believes all injuries are preventable. We always have the time and money to do the job safely; production and safety can only win together.
  2. Weifield Group Contracting believes in continually educating our employees. Hazards and subsequent risks will always exist. It is our job to educate and equip our employees to identify, prioritize, and effectively reduce the risk of harm from these hazards.
  3. Weifield Group Contracting believes safety begins with planning. The safest job is a well-planned job. We reduce risk by expecting and planning for hazards — model first, build second.
  4. Weifield Group Contracting understands and reinforces personal safety responsibility. Safety is the responsibility of every employee, and the foundation is accountability: every Weifield leader is held accountable for the safety of their team.
  5. Weifield Group Contracting believes that innovation is everyone’s job. It is everyone’s job to consistently find better and safer ways to do the task. If you know a way to do the job safer, you are expected to share the information so we all benefit.

Production and safety on any project can only achieve Zero Target Safety when we work together with innovation, collaboration, and teamwork.

Target Zero

At Weifield, our goal is zero incidents on any project.

We believe that our goal of zero incidents can be achieved through following safe work practices:

  • Understanding that accidents are all preventable with the right planning
  • Ensuring our Safety department looks at each injury as an incident — and spends time identifying the root cause
  • Incidents are a series of steps that lead to an injury
  • Preventing these steps from occurring will allow us to achieve our goal

Until next time….work safe and be safe!


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