Congratulations to Weifield’s November, 2018 Employees of the Month — Jake Lopez (shown first, below) and Randy Garrelts (also below)!

The November, 2018 Employee of the Month contest sought nominations for those employees who are Weifield’s ‘unsung heroes.’

Jake was nominated by Weifield Construction Manager, Nick Bull, who said: “Jake has come to my rescue more than once. He is always working hard in the background, never wanting any fame or fortune. I called in a favor for a hotel fire alarm system, he came early and stayed as long as needed to make sure the system was operational and fully tested. Jake is easily my vote for this one.”

Randy was nominated by Sage Johnson (Executive Assistant) and Jill Farrand (Marketing), who said:

From Sage: “When I think of unsung heroes, the first person that comes to my head is Randy Garrelts. I want to nominate Randy because of his constant willingness to strive for excellence, his work quality, and the way he interacts with the staff.

Working with Randy is an amazing experience. He strives for perfection in everything he does; whether it’s pick up trash, landscaping, or getting to last-minute maintenance tickets. He is committed to doing his best every day, and I admire that about him. When he first started, he had no direction, just a long list of tasks to be completed. He took that as a challenge and made his schedule so he could get everything accomplished. He takes his job seriously while looking for ways to improve.

His can-do attitude and positive demeanor are contagious, and I never see him without a smile on his face. I think most of the time his work is overlooked as the buildings are always so clean and tidy! That’s why I think Randy is an unsung hero.”

From Jill: “I don’t know if there ever has been a co-worker I’ve worked with that has as much dedication, responsiveness, and attention to detail, as Randy. Not only is he a miracle worker (with installing things, putting things together, keeping things orderly, etc. etc.) – he has a passion for a high quality product and he will do anything to achieve it. He is also very personable and humble, which makes him a joy to work with. I think there are many things that shine and operate wonderfully, at Weifield, that have been graced with Randy’s touch and that we may already take for granted, since he came onboard. Whatever he directs his attention to is improved not just once – but forever.”

The winning employees of the month both receive $100 Amazon gift cards and are featured in our newsletter and on social media as well. Congratulations to Jake & Randy for this well-deserved honor!

                                                                JAKE LOPEZ (Above)

                                                      RANDY GARRELTS (Above)

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